Baghera x BrandMX

Baghera of France, established in 1999, has sales in dozens of countries. The brand had little presence in the United States when they onboarded exclusively with BrandMX in late 2017.   Currently in all BrandMX channels — B2B, B2B2C and B2C — Baghera has seen a proliferation effect on sales and is a sought-after brand in the American market. Marquee retailersContinue reading “Baghera x BrandMX”

Pappelina x BrandMX

Pappelina of Sweden, with BrandMX since 2019, has seen significant growth in sales and market reach with our model. The Brand had established a presence in the U.S. and had considerable sales with boutique retailers before they started to work with us. With BrandMX, Pappelina now sells on several major retailers such as Nordstrom, West Elm, Food 52, and Perigold, andContinue reading “Pappelina x BrandMX”

Naif + Ouate + nailmatic

Special and unique beauty brands on the BrandMX marketplace. Naif of Netherlands is changing the world of personal care. Everything in their mission is pure, whole, natural, ethical, sustainable and responsible. This B-corp certified company translates their mission to best-in-class products for babies and mommies-to-be. Ouate of France is teaching children to make a regimenContinue reading “Naif + Ouate + nailmatic”