EO x BrandMX

EO Play x BrandMX

Danish brand EO enters the American market with BrandMX! We have already launched EO on Saks, Nordstrom, FAO Schwarz, shopAmEX, and several lifestyle boutiques in the U.S. and Canada. With such premier channels, BrandMX has positioned EO to enhance its brand value and maximize sales.

EO has partnered with well-known names in the design world such as Saint Laurent, Volvo, Harrods, and Fendi to create custom products and/or special exhibits. With new products and collaborations in the pipeline, this brand is surely one to watch.

Nicole Vitner Servé and Tor Vitner Servé are EO’s founders. Their common passion for design and production is evident in their versatile range of high-quality products.

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