At first, it was all Play!

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BrandMX is launching several brands these next weeks across categories of Fashion, Home, and Play; the brands are from Denmark, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, and the U.S.

Yay to our brands, our retailers, and to our team!

We began our journey as a distributor of “design” toys with Playsam of Sweden and added more toy lines with Playforever of England, and Baghera of France.

We hold the belief that children should play with well-designed and well-made toys, and that these objects of form and function influence both their creative and analytical minds. After all, children will be the new designers of our future world — we need to get them “design-knowing” first so “design-thinking” can follow. 

As we built our proprietary technology platform and grew our integrated retailer network, we expanded into several other categories including Home, Nursery, Fashion, Beauty, and Personal Accessories.

Toys remain our first love. We now have several brands including Eguchi of Taiwan, Color Jeu of South Korea, Miller-Goodman of England, and Waytoplay of Netherlands.

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