Waytoplay on FAO


Waytoplay, the renowned Dutch brand known for exceptional quality toy roads and play sets, has made inroads into America’s finest retailers.

Waytoplay is now on FAO Schwarz online and in-store, placed in the famous Raceway section of the store! The iconic New York City toy retailer curates and carries only the best brands; their store truly sparks joy and wonder in their shoppers. 

Waytoplay was born from a family passion for playing with toy cars in the sun and sand. Father, inventor, and designer Sybren Jelles created the first Waytoplay road tracks for his son in 2003. Since then, the tracks have evolved into flexible, durable, weatherproof, and safety-tested play accessories that now sell all over the world.

BrandMX is happy to have played a pivotal role in bringing Waytoplay to FAO Schwarz, and we are sure of the joy and wonder these incredible toys will bring to children and their families.

Published by Deepa Dadlani


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