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The WSJ article talks about brands augmenting their direct-to-consumer sales with retailer channels to maximize reach and revenues. While direct-to-consumer provides brands with many efficiencies, customer acquisition costs have become untenable. This has made brands appreciate the value of retailers who have established relationships with their large customer base.

At BrandMX, we combine the direct-to-consumer model and our retailer network (across niche, community-focused stores and major e-commerce retailers) to provide multiple channels that allow
our curated portfolio of brands to reach
customers where they shop.

Our model combines well-designed products, a wide distribution network across boutique and major retailers, seamless “low touch” order processing, insights on customer preferences, and our own warehouse to ensure quality and predictability in fulfillment. 

BrandMX provides brands with transparency and control to correctly position their brand and make future production decisions. Our proprietary portal and dashboard provide real-time descriptive and diagnostic metrics for brands to correctly price and effectively promote their products.

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