Everything Everywhere All At Once!

The WSJ article talks about brands augmenting their direct-to-consumer sales with retailer channels to maximize reach and revenues. While direct-to-consumer provides brands with many efficiencies, customer acquisition costs have become untenable. This has made brands appreciate the value of retailers who have established relationships with their large customer base. At BrandMX, we combine the direct-to-consumerContinue reading “Everything Everywhere All At Once!”

Sell-first and Asset-light

This WSJ article on how Macy’s and other U.S. apparel retailers are managing their inventory caught our attention. https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-macys-has-avoidedso-farthe-inventory-pileup-plaguing-other-apparel-chains-11664930492 At BrandMX , we recognize the need for retailers to be nimble in managing inventory risk. In today’s retail landscape, retailers face (1) rapid changes in consumer behavior (post COVID return-to-work means “squeezing” of certain discretionary categories), (2) uncertain consumerContinue reading “Sell-first and Asset-light”