Impatia x BrandMX

BrandMX does some serious heavy lifting bringing Impatia’s massive game tables to the American market! Working with Impatia, the Italian luxury brand, and the amazing team at Lumens, BrandMX has paved a way to get this custom-production brand in front of consumers and interior designers.

Lumens is America’s premier destination for modern home and decor products; Lumens serves the trade, contract professionals, and end-consumers. Lumens curates and sells only best-in-category products; Impatia is in good company indeed!

Impatia has redefined the game table landscape with audacious, standout designs: game tables such as BilliardsTable TennisTable Football, and Poker, and games sets such as Mahjong and Backgammon complete the range. With every piece handcrafted in Italy, Impatia’s approach is deeply human-centric.

At the helm of Impatia’s creative odyssey are founders Irene Prandoni and Gregg Brodarick. With roots in architecture, this Italian-American duo infuses a unique, bespoke touch into the brand’s ethos, constantly challenging and redefining the boundaries of the game table realm. Their creative genius is complemented by product designer Lucia Guazzi, an alumnus of Politecnico Milano. Merging technical prowess with creative vision, Guazzi adds a touch of magic by crafting pieces that are not just design marvels, but that also epitomize fun.

Impatia is about meticulous technical craftsmanship, use of finest materials, and an aesthetic that is undeniably alluring. Each product, right from inception, is a rendition of a lifestyle, exuding an identity that dares to reimagine the classics. In essence, Impatia is where impeccable design meets playful luxury. 

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