BrandMX has been instrumental in securing DAQI Concept omni-channel distribution in the American market: major department stores, online marketplaces, boutiques, and museum shops sell the range of products.  DAQI CONCEPT is a Taiwanese lifestyle and home decor brand founded by product designers.  The product range includes bluetooth speakers, alarm clocks, and side-table lamps. The DAQI productsContinue reading “DAQI CONCEPT x BrandMX”

Playforever x BrandMX

British brand Playforever, founded by designer Julian Meagher, has been with us since 2009. In the past decade, under the leadership of Cameron Treeby and Meagher, the brand has grown to be a powerhouse with a wide range of toys and collectibles that sell the world over. Playforever draws inspiration from classic and iconic racingContinue reading “Playforever x BrandMX”