Playforever x BrandMX

British brand Playforever, founded by designer Julian Meagher, has been with us since 2009. In the past decade, under the leadership of Cameron Treeby and Meagher, the brand has grown to be a powerhouse with a wide range of toys and collectibles that sell the world over. Playforever draws inspiration from classic and iconic racing cars and vintage planes. The products are a delightful mix of traditional art, industrial design, and contemporary production.

With BrandMX, Playforever has an established
omni-channel presence in the U.S.: majors, e-commerce retailers, marketplaces, and brick-n-mortars all carry the brand. BrandMX helps each respective channel select products based on price points that work best for them.

Playforever’s major collaboration with Hugo Boss a few years back expanded
their range of products and decked the Hugo Boss storefronts across the globe; Playforever’s designs inspired Hugo Boss to create a line of fashion apparel for the season.
Playforever has also created custom cars for the 75th anniversary of
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.



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