Impatia x BrandMX

BrandMX enables ultra-luxury brands such as Impatia increase their reach within the American market. While our usual model is to hold inventory and sell/ship to end-consumers via EDI-connected majors, for custom built, prestige-ticket products that do not cater to the typical end-customer, we had to find different ways of reaching the market.

For the trade such as interior designers and architects, we offer major incentives. For end-customers that have accumulated American Express rewards points, we guide them to buy Impatia on the American Express shop. BrandMX is a major seller partner of American Express.

Impatia’s founders Irene Prandoni and Gregg Brodarick embody creativity and high design in the products they make. The brand was inspired from the desire to create daring and distinct design objects that would push the boundaries of the game table industry. Located in the heart of the Milan district, known for its iconic fashion and design influences, Impatia unites the traditions of design, art, and craftsmanship to produce bespoke luxury products.

Impatia already has a large fan base in the Americas; the game tables are in many celebrity homes, and in architecturally noteworthy homes and venues. BrandMX has been a big fan of Impatia and their product range for many years now. BrandMX and Impatia are glad to have found a way to work together.

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